I have 20 years experience in developing web applications for a wide variety of business ranging from simple e-commerce store fronts through to mission critical stock management systems, whatever your business is looking for I can deliver it on time and on budget.

Database Integration

If your company website is simply an on-line business card updated once a year when you have a few minutes spare, then you are missing a trick. Your website can do real work and with a small investment can add value to your organisation.

By integrating your website with your customer, stock, and order databases you can unleash the full power of the internet to help your business reach it’s full potential.

Once properly integrated your website will you help to reduce costs, streamline repetitive tasks and increase customer satisfaction.

3rd Party Integration

Letting customers and suppliers access information directly through database integration is all well and good, but that is really only the start of what the internet can do for your business.

“3rd Party Integration” allows you to connect directly to your suppliers and other service providers to interchange information seamlessly and reliably, reducing repetitive administrative tasks and even allowing your company to run on ‘auto-pilot’ where orders can be taken, paid-for, processed, and dispatched with no human effort required.

Performance Tuning

One problem that can arise when automating your company through the internet is that it can be difficult to accurately predict growth. As time goes by once lightening fast systems have been known to slowly grind to a halt as they struggle to cope with the demands placed on them.

Sometimes this slowdown is unavoidable and is an unfortunate side effect of success but before you spend thousands of pounds on upgrading your servers it is well worth investigating where the bottlenecks are.